The Wicked One: Annette Zera

From preserving artist studios by co-founding Mother X to her work running the UK’s Bangladesh Education Trust, we meet a true local artist and activist

Guest Editor: Jonzi D

The UK’s leading advocate for hip hop dance shares his dance story and tells The Wick about the Hip Hop Theatre Academy opening in the Olympic Park

A Model Gent

What first possessed you to get into the laborious world of stop motion animation? Growing up in Derbyshire there wasn’t that much around, so you had to be very creative with what you could do. I learned loads about how to manufacture and put things together working with my dad for a few years, then […]

A Moment in Time

In the run-up to the 2012 Olympics, University of East London’s Tracie Trimmer helped engage younger locals by asking their hopes for the future. Here she reconnects with them, a decade later, to see how they are getting on

Runt of the Litter

As a reaction to the depressing cultural landscape of the lockdowns, an exciting performance art event has risen, all from a warehouse home

Sketch and the City

Local artist and educator, Jeanette Barnes, discusses her ongoing fascination with urban landscapes, her work with long-time partner Paul Brandford, and drawing her neighbourhood as it constantly changes

Mash-Up to Mainstream

Nightlife tends to eat itself, uplifting crumbling areas before getting ousted as the neighbourhood becomes desireable. Can the Wick be different?