Guest Editor: Nathaneal Williams

In recent times it’s been easy to imagine the end of the world, but it’s remained almost impossible to imagine the end of music. And it turns out the way that most people like to eat, drink, dance or even sit to music, is together – at night. Food, drink, music, film, dance, fashion, art, […]

A Feast for the Senses

Marshmallow Laser Feast – a.k.a visual artists Barney Steel, Robin McNicholas & Ersinhan Ersin – immerse audiences in their wild creative world. We spoke to Barney to find out more

Meet Stephanie Galea

The enforced confinement of lockdown saw many strangely beautiful adaptations to the challenging circumstances. Photographer and fine artist Stephanie Galea produced the scorching images shown here for Vogue Arabia and Harpers Bazaar Arabia with the judicious placement of floaty backdrops and some planters up on the roof of her local residential block. “The weather was […]

The Wicked One: Martin Richman

How did you come to HWFI? We found the place I live at now when it was still a working factory. Around 2002 a developer had bought the site, he’s showing us round and I think ‘I would love to live here’. I got together with a few friends and we bought the whole back […]

Jirkeeyga collection

With the continuing rise of fast fashion and the devastating consequences it is having on our environment, sustainable fashion is strengthening its offensive. Organisations like Swap Nation are being erected with the aim of making ‘sustainable fashion affordable for women in the UK’. Clothes are being repurposed and vintage being back in vogue is further […]

Meet DollyOlli

How did you meet each other? Marie: We met at a non-reality party, far, far away on the planet fantasy. Money doesn’t matter there, its full of eccentrics, there are no grey square rectangular buildings, they’re all round and colourful. Everything is illogical. How long have you been here? M: The Olympics finished and we […]

Affordable art stone studios

Even five years ago, opening a Sainsbury’s on Wallis Road would have been, at best, a poor business idea. Like many things in Hackney Wick, the supermarket is a paradox: cheaper than many of its local competitors, the store is a sign of the area’s increasing exclusivity; it represents development which is shifting the economic, […]

The Wicked One: Luk Man Hon

How did you come to be in Hackney Wick (HWFI)? Back in 2008 I had just started my record business when a friend recommended I take a look at Oslo House as a potential place to work from. He was using it to store speakers at the time, and sometimes he would do gigs at […]

Stitching Together

Camaraderie is one thing the coronavirus pandemic has strengthened instead of debilitated. Camaraderie not amongst friends and family alone, but also amongst complete strangers. Strangers and solidarity are often not words that complement each other, but the current worldwide crisis challenging all, in some way, shape or form, has made these two synonymous. Lockdown resulted […]

The Wicked One: Laura May Lewis

How did you come to Hackney Wick & Fish Island (HWFI)?In 2006 – it was the building that captivated me – the light and the space. I wasn’t aware of all the artist studios tucked away and how many creative people lived here. That was a very nice surprise. What aspects of HWFI do you […]