Creative Careers & Student Special Edition


Read our back-to-school season guide to East London’s boundless opportunities for work and training in the arts and cultural sectors.


Autumn 2023, issue 11


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We use print and digital storytelling to unite the creative, business and residential communities in Hackney Wick & Fish Island plus the other neighbourhoods in and around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. 

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Creative Careers & Student Special

The Wick presents a guide to the boundless opportunities that now exist in East London if you’re looking for work or training in the creative sector

Arts & Culture


Meanwhile in East London…

Over the years, Hackney Wick and Fish Island’s glut of ex-industrial units and vacant lots have afforded numerous actors – from community organisations and artists,

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Losing the Plot

In cities, we have less opportunity to stare aimlessly at the sky or find ourselves experiencing the particular pleasure we get from walking amidst blossoms,

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Events, Food & Drink

Wellbeing & Sports

Education & Innovation


Esports Explosion

The esports industry has grown astronomically over the last few years, and the popularity of computer and console gaming has been the main driver. Since

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