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VIDEO: Watch the premier of Aiko live at The Wick launch

Despite the rollercoaster of pre-Christmas lockdown changes, we did manage to gather a socially distanced crowd at Studio 9294 last month for a little celebratory shindig to mark the launch of The Wick.

The night was filmed as part of an Arts Council funded project to showcase venues and artists during the challenges of the pandemic, curated by cross-platform collective Noise of Art, in partnership with Move Association and Cross Club Prague, supported by the Czech Ministry of Culture.

Czech singer Aiko made her debut London performance, which you can see in full when it premiers online this Friday (below). Born in Moscow and raised in Prague, she’s made festival, radio and TV appearances across Europe pre-Covid, and recently moved to London.

Watch the premier at 18:30 on Friday 22nd January on YouTube, or catch-up on the recording any time after.

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